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Impact projects

Vlinder initiates and implements forest restoration and conservation projects which help reduce global carbon emissions.

  • We partner with present-day eco heroes
  • We choose projects with proven climate action
  • We ensure the projects provide environmental and social co-benefits: jobs and food security, natural protection from extreme weather events, nurseries for wildlife

Our first projects

hectares of mangrove forest to be restored
trees to be planted
t CO2 to be mitigated

Buy carbon

Purchase carefully chosen carbon credits and invest in forest restoration and conservation projects at the Vlinder Exchange.

The Vlinder Exchange is a blockchain-based marketplace for high-quality carbon credits. It is based on the Gnosis Protocol which enables batch auctions with a single clearing price to maximize liquidity. Vlinder smart contracts are deployed on the low-carbon Ethereum-compatible xDai chain.

  • Direct ownership: Buyers and sellers on the Vlinder Exchange control their tokenized assets with their own private keys stored in the Vlinder mobile app or other wallets. These wallets should have WalletConnect and xDai support (for example, AlphaWallet or Metamask).
  • Onchain matching: Submission and matching of orders are managed via a blockchain smart contract.
  • Immediate settlement: The settlement process is run immediately after matching of the auction orders.
  • Stablecoin support: The Vlinder Exchange supports the xDai stablecoin pegged to the US Dollar. You can buy xDai on exchanges, for example AscendEx, directly in the Vlinder app using Ramp.
  • Fees: The Vlinder Exchange levies a small fee on the volume of an executed trade split equally between counterparties of a trade. Fee costs are included in an order’s limit price.
  • Admission: Trading on the Vlinder Exchange is permissionless.
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Sell carbon

Vlinder helps climate projects to get investment, receive carbon credits, and sell carbon at best price We reinforce high quality climate projects with smart capital and innovation.

Vlinder supports projects that:

  • are certified by one of the leading global carbon certification standards or eligible for getting such certification
  • have environmental and social co-benefits along with climate change mitigation

Are you a climate project?

Get investment
Get certified with an international standard and receive carbon credits
Sell your carbon credits at best price


Not all carbon removal projects are equal. Vlinder puts a lot of thought into creating the most beneficial and impactful offsets.

  • We only work with projects that have been verified by Verra or the Gold Standard
  • We carefully select those that address several sustainable development goals
  • We only support projects that would last for generations

You can also calculate your company’s carbon footprint and get recommendations on how to minimize it: Vlinder partners with Tsetinis to deliver best-in-class results.

Learn more about Vlinder partners


Assess and finance your carbon risks

Vlinder connects sustainability and risk and insurance management activities to develop a coordinated approach to financing carbon related risks.

  • Context: Connect sustainability and risk and insurance management to define carbon risk emission hotspots.
  • Assessment: Identify carbon risk scenarios, obtain and evaluate carbon-linked data points. Perform actuarial simulations on likelihood and severity of carbon linked events.
  • Treatment: Retain the risk and finance internally via self-insurance techniques to allocate budget across operations.
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About us


Our mission is to empower people to make planetary impact.

We reinforce high quality climate projects with smart capital and innovation.

Our goal is to enable carbon mitigation of 10 million tonnes of CO2 every month, combined footprint of Switzerland and Austria.

We can achieve it by restoring 2 million ha of coastal forests, 1/2 size of Switzerland or 125x Liechtenstein.

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Carbon credits

Carbon credits are available for direct purchase on the Vlinder Exchange. You can earn on carbon credits: The demand is constantly growing. Or you may use carbon credits to offset your footprint and get an offset certificate from the official carbon credits registry.

What is a carbon credit?
A tradable certificate representing the right to emit 1 tonne of carbon dioxide or the equivalent amount of a different greenhouse gas
Where do carbon credits come from?
Projects that reduce carbon dioxide emissions receive carbon credits from internationally recognised verification organizations
Who sells carbon credits at Vlinder?
Сertified sustainable projects that we have audited sell their carbon credits at our Exchange with no intermediaries


Carbon dioxide absorbs heat emitted from our planet’s surface, keeping it from escaping out to space. The more CO2 in the atmosphere the warmer the Earth. Today the level of CO2 is higher than at any time in human history. Scientists agree that Earth’s average surface temperature has already increased by about 1 C since the 1880s.
All of our consumption, production and transportation pump carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. A carbon footprint is the sum of all emissions of CO2 caused by a person’s or an organization’s activities in a certain time frame.
When you buy a carbon offset you fund a project which helps the environment by lowering or reducing carbon emissions. Carbon offset is measured in tonnes. One tonne of carbon offset represents the avoidance or removal of one tonne of CO2 emissions.
A carbon credit is a tradable certificate representing the right to emit 1 tonne of carbon dioxide or the equivalent amount of a different greenhouse gas.
Blue carbon is the term for carbon captured by the world’s ocean and coastal ecosystems. Coastal wetlands, including mangroves and seagrasses, sequester and store significant amounts of carbon - 50% of the total carbon is stored in ocean sediments.
Voluntary carbon market enables private investors, organizations, and businesses to voluntarily purchase carbon credits to offset their emissions. Companies that are unable to reduce their emissions can purchase carbon offsets from verified suppliers to offset their carbon footprint. The revenues collected are used to finance carbon reduction projects.
In voluntary markets, projects that reduce carbon emissions apply to receive carbon credits: They can register with one of several carbon offset standards, get certified and receive carbon credits.
Officially certified sustainable projects that we have carefully audited sell their carbon credits at the Vlinder Exchange directly, with no intermediaries.
You can invest in carbon credits: The demand is constantly growing. Or you may use carbon credits to offset your footprint and get an offset certificate from the official carbon credits registry.